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How Videos Help SEO: It’s true! Videos are becoming one of the most important forms of content marketing, and their presence can make or break your optimization efforts.

Before we detail how videos can improve your site’s organic ranking, let’s learn more about SEO.

Video and SEO

Search engine optimization is what you do to increase visibility on search engine results pages. More people will see your page when they search for relevant queries, click on your website, read your content, and learn about your brand. However, optimizing the content and structure of your website can potentially generate more conversions than any other digital marketing activity.

What are the benefits of how video helps SEO today?

Why videos contribute to organic visibility

Now that it’s more about organic visibility than rankings developing a cohesive video strategy is even more critical.

With the rise of mobile search (open link in new window) and video (open link in new window), video content is becoming more important as consumers can watch the video without interrupting their ongoing activities.

Video is present on all results pages.

Google is adding interactive elements with videos to its search results pages. As a result, video carousels show up in recent Google searches

Aside from the carousel, videos can also improve organic snippets as Google places video thumbnails in organic search results.

Brand familiarity drives clicks and conversions.

In addition, branded video thumbnails can increase brand awareness. Over time, this can lead to more clicks and conversions as brand familiarity increases users’ trust in the website.

Why videos contribute to on-page SEO

In addition to improving organic visibility, video has been shown to increase on-page engagement, an important ranking factor. Google wants users to like every page they see in search results and continue interacting with the site without leaving immediately. On-page engagement is a crucial factor in search engine rankings.

On-page engagement is undoubtedly a good signal for Google.

Therefore, a valuable and well-placed video on a page can indirectly contribute to your ranking and make Google like and trust your website.

Over the years, videos have been shown to increase on-page engagement and conversion rates.

How to create high-quality videos to boost SEO

Creating high-quality, targeted content is key to using video as an SEO strategy. After all, video alone isn’t necessarily a website’s savior.

Think of it as a cycle. Videos improve rankings, meaning more people will see your site and click on your links. However, if the content on the page is not of good quality, they will not stay on the site longer.

Harmful content can even be detrimental. Search engines don’t want to direct anyone to useless pages, so hosting low-quality videos with little or no context can lead to a drop in rankings. Initially, more people may see your site in the SERP, but if your page doesn’t match their intent, they will quickly leave. Leaving swiftly by the user increases your direct return rate (ranked by Google as a priority SEO metric) and tells Google that your site is worthless. As a result, you lose the ranking you just achieved and possibly other rankings because your site has lost authority in Google’s eyes.

However, taking time and thinking about your production strategy can avoid the situation. Luckily, we are experts in video production. Jumpstart your ranking in the SERPs with the following essential tips.

Use videos on your website

Creating a video is not enough; post it on your website. When doing so, make sure that the placement is meaningful. You can successfully integrate Branded videos into the About Us page or the homepage. Product videos are a great addition to product descriptions on e-commerce platforms and websites. Testimonial videos are particularly effective and can be used almost anywhere on your website. While they provide video content for search engine optimization, you can reuse the same content elsewhere to complement other marketing strategies.

Contextualize the video

Placing a video on a blank page is not very effective. Try to embed the video in meaningful places and surround it with other relevant text and image content. Also, add a transcript of the video to refine your keywords, and convert any visual graphics you use to downloadable JPEGs. If Google can understand how your video fits with the content on the page, your results will be better.

Make sure your video is educational.

If potential customers have questions about your brand, service, product, or industry, answering them will educate them and enable them to make a buying decision. As you continue to answer questions, you become an authority and gain credibility for the value you provide. The search engines will understand this and give your page an extra boost. Consider including Q&A videos and hands-on product demonstrations on your product pages. Even on educational sites like blogs, you can use videos instead of reading long texts.

Be consistent

It’s not enough to go to the gym once to get great abs. Video marketing is no different; consistency and dedication are key. Be consistent in providing value and strive to rank for one keyword and many related keywords that match your customers’ search intent. The good news is that you’ll be motivated to create more content when you see how well it works.

Don’t forget the technical details.

Uploading your video to sites like YouTube and Vimeo is just the beginning. Don’t forget to include the correct information at the end, so search engine crawlers know how to rank and prioritize your videos.


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