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Struggling with Local SEO?: Did you know that 46 percent of all Google searches look for local information? In other words, people rely on Google to find local businesses. If you don’t have a local SEO strategy on Google, you miss out on local traffic and valuable leads!

If your business is located in the Greenville, SC, area and you are not happy with the traffic your website attracts, it’s time to give local SEO a thought!

A local search brings a customer to your front door. Within just a day of working on your business’s local SEO, you can get surprising visitors to your store. It’s like a magic trick that helps your customers find your business and take steps to visit and show up in person.

Are you ready to grab these leads and increase your conversion rate? SEO After Coffee can help. Let’s show you how:

Create and Optimize Your Google Business Profile Account

Google Business Profile Rankings

This is the essential step to getting started with local SEO. You may already have a GBP account for your local store in Greenville, SC, but chances are it’s not optimized. Our services include:

For local SEO initiatives to be effective, keyword research is essential. We extract the terms and phrases your local consumers use to find your business, products, and services like yours by conducting keyword research. For this, we use the best keyword research tools and data, such as monthly search traffic, cost per click, and competitiveness, to choose the keywords that are relevant and easy to rank on.

Voice search has grown tremendously over the years. Nearly half of online searches are conducted via voice search. Rather than optimizing for how individuals write their queries, local SEO must consider how people ask inquiries while speaking on their phones or other mobile devices.

You’re losing out on profitable local leads if your website isn’t voiced search-optimized. Let SEO After Coffee help you save time and money by preparing your site for voice and traditional searches.

Voice searches mainly involve the use of long-tail keywords. Hence, we optimize your content’s SEO for long-tail keywords to make it fit for casual speech. Here are some voice optimization strategies we employ:

Part of our local SEO strategy is to obtain backlinks from respectable local businesses. When ranking local content, Google considers the quantity and quality of backlinks. Therefore, we only source high-authority links from other regional websites that point to your website. And we never rush with the amount because a more significant number of backlinks does not always equate to great results.

Audit your Site’s Internal Structure

SEO Audit SC

External links to your website bring traffic for more, but when it comes to getting traffic and optimizing your business for local SEO, adjusting the internal lining structure matters too. Why? Because it:

We perform a thorough audit to check your website’s internal structure and ensure its SEO health is intact.

Work On Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media and SEO

Social media marketing can help your SEO strategy in several ways, even though it may not directly impact your results. Wondering how? Check this out:

You don’t have to hire separate social media services for this. Just take a second and share your blogs on social media pages. Post about the events you are sponsoring. Encourage your customers to share user-generated content. Host polls and quizzes and engage with your followers. Post news that is relevant to your industry. The information allows you to engage with your audience, generate brand awareness, and build a healthy relationship that could be converted later on.

Why Work with SEO Over Coffee?

Alignable Business of the Year

Are you convinced about our local SEO strategy but not sure if you should work with us? That’s a fair question; we are here to answer that too.

If you want to spend money on SEO, then local SEO is the best investment that will bring you great returns in terms of traffic and conversion. Allow us to target customers in your area, whether Greenville, SC, or any other region.

Our agency has proven experience in search engine optimization. We have a team of SEO analysts who use Google-approved best practices to boost traffic, improve conversions and help you reach a higher local ranking than your competitors so that you can achieve your sales goals. Even if you don’t know a thing about local SEO and don’t know where to begin, we have covered you.

Getting started with local SEO and even imagining how you will handle it all can seem daunting as a small business. The administrative and marketing chores that come with being an entrepreneur may leave you without a specialized marketing department, and business owners are not unusual to feel lost. Our SEO Specialist can do all the time-consuming SEO tasks while you do what’s best – run your dream business!

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