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Pros and Cons of Using Adobe Dreamweaver: I just had a couple of Clients request to use Dreamweaver for their website so I thought I better go through this blog again and do any updates I can think of. One thing I haven’t used yet but know is out there now is AI Coding. When I get time I will check AI Coding out and then write a blog on what my thoughts were!

Dreamweaver is Adobe’s flagship program. Its core functionality is creating HTML and CSS and making file management more effortless. This program is ideal for beginner coders who would like to see what their code is creating through WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). It’s also great for tracking the changes being made in real time so that you can fix errors as they are spotted.

The Graphic User Interface of Dreamweaver and many other qualities make it one great tool for building websites. You can count on it for creating web standard codes easily. DW is a highly overpriced file manager and text editor. But it comes with great built-in features that let you create winning websites. It can take the edge off when it comes to learning HTML and CSS.

This website design software will get your website up and running faster using the start templates available. These templates are customizable for building eCommerce websites, newsletters, About pages, HTML emails, and portfolios. DW is part of Creative Cloud. It lets you bring assets from your libraries as well as Stock for enhancing your website. Did I mention you will be creating responsive websites which can fit any screen?

Not sure if you should be using DW for building websites? These pros and cons of Dreamweaver will help you make the decision:

The Pros

It Highlights Code

DW lets you scan code quickly and spot any errors. A different set of highlight colors are used to help you differentiate which code is PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and others.

If you have lots of code on the page, this will help you spot the correct code and make changes immediately. For beginners, this feature can come in handy.  You can easily track the code and make changes accordingly.

Visual View of the Code

Those who are into visuals would love to see what their code is crafting. In web development, this is kind of rewarding. The WYSIWYG feature is beneficial. You can switch between the code and the view whenever you like.

Enter the code and go to the design view to check how it’s looking. This view will allow you to have a firm grip on your code while keeping an eye on the immediate visual changes—no need to go to the browser when you have the WYSIWYG feature to spot the differences quickly.

Find and Replace Items

With DW, you can find and replace items within the code, content, and tags. Let’s say you want to update your code for adapting to new plugins or widgets. Using the find and replace items feature, you can edit the pages within seconds.

Move Through Tabs

DW has a tab functionality that allows you to switch between files. No need to go through multiple menus. Your files will be ready, benefiting those using incorporated templates for planning the coding or part of the overall design plan.

Create Templates

Once you get into the web development field, you will get more prominent projects as you progress. Thanks to DW, you can create a page that fits your site’s layout and use it as a template.

Just choose the editable regions, make tweaks, and replicate the template—no need to build it from scratch. Once you have crafted your templates, there is no need to go into DW for editing the pages or creating new ones. Save it as the template and use it as a standard. This feature is quite helpful when you are making changes to pages. Of course, there are thousands of pre-made templates for free and/or low-cost offered on the internet.

Code Suggestions

For beginner coders, this is a great feature. When you are not sure what to do what a color, font, or image, DW auto-fills suggestions; yes, it generates code suggestions to help you with web development. A drop-drop menu appears that lets you add code. Simply point, click, and the code will appear.

Create Content Variations

It’s easy to create content variation by using the word processing interface. So let’s say you want to bold a text. All you have to do is use Ctrl+B.

When writing code, one has to write a code if they want a text bold, but DW has made it simple. Just highlight the text and change its formatting using the word processor display. The changes will reflect in the final product immediately. How great is that!

Fast Load Times

If coded correctly and the developer is SEO-minded, these websites can load at incredible speeds. Coders have a little more control over how things are loaded on the page and do not rely on a plugin to do that for them. Less coding is needed than an average plug-in.

The Cons

It’s Not Browser-Based

A thing most DW users loathe is that it’s not browser-based like their competitor WordPress. As a result, how the code apps within DW will look different in the browser. You could be doing everything right, and yet the code’s outcome could be disappointing.

There Is A Bit of a Learning Curve

Dreamweaver promotes itself as a beginner-friendly platform, but its interface has a bit of a learning curve. There are about 50+ things to look at on the screen, and so many features can overwhelm a user. If you are getting started with coding, this interface can be highly intimidating.


Adding this software to your designer toolkit can be costly. There are other tools available with more features at a fraction of the price.

What You See Is Not Always What You Get

The WYSIWYG feature can be misleading at times. Therefore, don’t rely on the results of DW. Check the appearance of the site in the browser to cross-check your work.

Summing Up Pros and Cons of Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is an excellent tool for drafting codes and designing a website. It can help you learn to code as well, thanks to its beginner-friendly features. The developers of this program continue to add more features to it to make it more advanced.

It has a few drawbacks, but the benefits outweigh them. Some even say it can make a designer lazy as he/she relies on the tool more than his/her creativity. Adobe DW is a tool to help you display your creativity.

I have developed websites here in South Carolina and other states that have been up and running for years now with no problems.

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