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AI content generation is a buzzing topic among marketers, businesses, and bloggers. We all see that AI content generators get better with each passing day. New AI content creation tools have entered the market, intending to produce content in minutes to make your life easier as a content creator.

But the question is: can AI writing tools craft content that engages with the readers? Can AI-generated content rank on Google? This guide not only answers these burning questions but also discusses everything you need to know about AI-generated content. Are you ready? Let’s get into it! 

 What is AI-generated content?

As the name suggests, AI-generated content is content written by AI (Artificial Intelligence). AI technologies require human intelligence, reasoning, decision-making, and learning to perform different activities. 

AI-generated content is created using NPL (natural language generation), allowing the computer to understand and mimic human language. AI writing tools can write:

They can also predict consumer behavior and content ideas, schedule content, and respond to customer queries. 

Pros and cons of AI-generated content


· Greater efficiency

Compared to human writing, AI content takes less time to create. Greater efficiency improves the stability of work. AI writing tools also make some suggestions that help overcome writer’s block. 

· More content

With AI writing tools, you can create more content at any time. AI content creation process is quicker than human writers. Publishing more content in less time offers you more opportunities to connect with your target audience. 

· Cost-effective

You can expect a few hundred dollars per project when you work with a human writer. The cost of the content project depends on various factors, including the length of articles, the number of articles, and more. The best AI content generator might be more cost-effective for crafting simple and brief content to power up your marketing. 


·     Relevancy and quality concerns

The main issues with generating content using AI tools are quality and relevancy. That means if you solely rely on AI writing tools, it could not resonate with your audience, damaging your brand reputation. 

·     Plagiarism

AI tools depend on the data and algorithms for generating content. So it may include phrases or sentences from other websites without citations. Google may flag such content, and it could get your website penalized. So, if you consider using AI tools to create content, ensure your content is run through plagiarism checker tools. 

·     Lack of creativity and empathy

Content written by AI tools lacks empathy and creativity. Content that lacks human touch and emotion sounds robotic. It could be damaging to your brand image.  

Can AI-generated content rank on Google?

Google’s spoke person, John Muller, has said in Google search central webmaster talk that content generated using AI tools is auto-generated content, and the quality of this content may be better than old AI writing tools but goes against the webmaster’s guidelines. 

However, Muller also said Google couldn’t claim to tell the difference between human content and AI-generated content. However, they will take action if the web spam team sees auto-generated content. SEMRush trialed this by creating content using AI writing tools (AI model GPT-2). 

They didn’t optimize this content other than link building. The blog posts achieved a few rankings. This shows that Google can’t differentiate between human content and AI content. 

GPT3 is a powerful language processing tool that uses deep learning to understand and create human-like text, which seems to be harder to detect than other GPT models. However, you may expect AI content detector tools in the near future. 

Google team cleared the doubt about content generated by AI writing tools and its impact on search engine optimization. 

They are not against the content generated by AI-writing tools if it offers a better user experience. Google emphasizes creating for your target audience, not search engines. If writing content that resonates with your audience, you must pay attention to what your audience wants and their pain points. 

Then you need to write valuable content that provides them with real solutions. Finding keywords and importing them into AI writing tools to create content will not hit home with your audience. If you post low-quality AI-generated content on your websites that is not reviewed by a human being, it will get penalized by Google.

Human-generated content vs. AI content– Which one is better?

Human vs. AI content is the new debate. Human and machine-generated content can drive results, but both have advantages and disadvantages. However, digital marketers must understand what works for their businesses. 

The most significant difference between human-generated and AI-generated content is that human content has creativity and empathy. Moreover, they create content from scratch while robots take advantage of existing data to write content that lacks humor, heart, insight, and creativity. 

The personal touch that human writing offers allows the brands to reach their target audience and contributes much towards their identity. Machine-generated content becomes more human with each passing day, but it still lacks broader perspectives. So you can say that AI writing tools can’t replace humans, but you can use them as inspirational tools. 

The Bottom Line

Businesses or organizations are using AI tools to cope with the growing demand for content. There’s no denying that companies can scale their content marketing strategy with AI-generated content in less time. 

AI technology gets better and more sophisticated with time, but AI-generated content requires human editing and fresh sets of eyes to create content that resonates with your audience. 

AI writing tools might be great for beating writer’s block, but humans remain on top to create customer-focused content that delivers genuine value to users and gives you accurate results. 

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