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WhatsApp has worldwide praise and popularity. As user accounts grow,

the daily message volume has improved, and about 100 billion messages are sent daily. Therefore, businesses can’t pass on the sales opportunity on WhatsApp, especially using WhatsApp as an effective marketing tool.

Consumers have been overwhelmed with promotional emails, and let’s admit that we also rarely check our email. These lead to low open rates (around 5-7% on average) for email, let alone the conversion rate. Research shows that compared with telephone or email, customers’ WhatsApp message opening rate is as high as 98%.

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 If your company also has a Facebook page, Click-to-WhatsApp Ads can be an excellent tool to increase customer stickiness and ROAS.

In this blog article, we will help you understand what WhatsApp Marketing is and how to set up Click-to-WhatsApp Ads to boost sales. There are also some tips and strategies on how to implement it successfully.

What is WhatsApp Marketing? 

Through the widely used messaging program “WhatsApp,” you may engage with your audience and promote your goods and services. We commonly use Whatsapp to interact with our friends and family regularly. As a result, when you use this channel to sell your products/services and respond to customer requests, it becomes the most personalized way to interact and purchase experience.

The Advantages of WhatsApp Marketing

Unlike WhatsApp Personal App and WhatsApp Business App, WhatsApp Business Platform is an enterprise-level account that enables you to integrate with your company’s tech stack and build messaging tools that provide rapid response times with less effort, allowing you to convert leads into customers quickly. You can also blast out marketing messages to opt-in customers through WhatsApp, greatly enhancing the marketing performance. Clients are now more likely to use messaging channels to ask inquiries about products and services, give feedback, engage with the brand, and so on. 

Using WhatsApp Marketing with the automated message, you can support customers anywhere, giving them real-time control over their purchase journey. Companies can use WhatsApp to connect with potential customers and push promotions or special offers to customers in bulk. Given the fast-growing active users available who spend hours a day using WhatsApp, it is not surprising that chatbots on WhatsApp have become the core of global conversational commerce.

How can I start to promote my business on WhatsApp?

You can set up your WhatsApp Business Platform in WOZTELL through the Embedded Signup Flow. You should prepare a mobile number and a Facebook Business Manager account. The phone number should also be able to receive calls or SMS for account verification. Also, you must provide your Facebook Business Manager account ID to connect with your WABA. You can create a new Business Manager account during the embedded signup flow below.

Please see the embedded signup flow for the step-by-step guide.

Is it troublesome? Don’t worry; Business Messaging Expert Sanuker provides services to help you start WhatsApp marketing seamlessly. It can also help you set up your chatbot, manage live chat, and integrate it into your WhatsApp Business Platform!

What are Click-to-WhatsApp ads?

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You can add a Send Message button to your Facebook or Instagram ad using click-to-WhatsApp advertisements. This will start a conversation with your customers and company on the WhatsApp Business App. 

How do I set up Click-to-WhatsApp ads?

  1. Promoting/boosting a post on your page
  2. Creating a new ad in Facebook Ads Manager

WhatsApp Click-to-WhatsApp Ads allow you to initiate conversations with more prospects and connect with customers faster, allowing you to move them down the funnel more rapidly. If customers are interested in your products, most potential customers prefer to respond immediately through messaging channels. By comparison, a traditional ad campaign usually takes a few days to generate an email response.

What is the future of WhatsApp Marketing?

Having WhatsApp incorporated into your marketing plan, you may quickly respond to any questions from your clients. WhatsApp is a global opportunity; there is a big playground for many industries to try. Here are some popular sectors that have the most significant potential for WhatsApp Marketing: Retail, E-commerce, hospitality, travel, banking, gaming, etc. 

Businesses can communicate with clients easily through WhatsApp Marketing. More industries should consider using WhatsApp in their customer service strategy. It has the potential to strengthen its multi-channel customer engagement and increase customer loyalty by allowing them to respond to consumer inquiries and offer consistent service in real-time.

Undoubtedly expanding daily, WhatsApp Marketing is a powerful marketing tool for any business. 

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