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SEO After Coffee can tell you what your competition is doing. We can get you ranked higher for terms that mean the most to your business. Unless, of course, we’re working for your competitor. Then you’re screwed.

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Charlotte NC Fast Facts About SEO

You Can’t Take Shortcuts

In local search optimization, shortcuts can kill a long-term SEO strategy. Sure, you might get some quick results, but eventually, you will get caught. Shortcuts have shown results in the past, but Google eventually catches on… and worse, your entire site and investment can fall down the black hole of Google jail, from which there is no return. Google is determined to snuff out these techniques, and when you inevitably get caught, it means starting over from ground zero.

How You Say It Matters

There’s no shortcut to a solid strategy. It’s all about understanding your customer behavior and figuring out what they are searching for that drives business to your doorstep. Many think traffic drives business. But if you are in the business of selling “guitar strings,” there is a big difference between “acoustic guitar strings” and “guitar strings for sale near me.” One of these searchers has very little interest in purchasing “guitar strings,” while the other is actively searching for somewhere to buy. That’s where a well-thought-out strategy comes in. Understanding your customer’s behavior and choosing the right words can be the difference in the success of your plan.

The Ever-Changing Animal

Google sure doesn’t like to make it easy on websites. They are constantly optimizing and manipulating how they rank websites and determine year-to-year, month-to-month, and even day-to-day changes. You have to stay up with it. Own it. Live it. That’s where we come in. Understanding Google is what we do. And with constant optimization, content creation, link-building, testing, and research, we steadily and consistently attract more visitors and business to your site.

Your Best Leads

Let us look back to the example mentioned earlier. You may own the guitar string market. Or at least believe you do. But if Google doesn’t rank your site for “guitar strings,” you’ll miss out on a massive piece of the pie. On average and over time, organic clicks are the highest converting. They spend more time on your site. And spend more money. However you want to measure it, local SEO delivers your best customers straight to your doorstep.

SEO Audit & Ranking Report

SEO After Coffee starts with a comprehensive SEO audit and a current ranking report by using Industry Audit software and Manual Searches.

Keyword Research

Our specialists will find keywords or phrases that a potential client may use when searching for your product or services on a major search engine.

Website Optimization

We will provide recommendations to optimize your site or our in-house team will perform them for you. Larry is a professional Custom Coder.

Content Optimization

Good content optimization is a key to getting good rankings in search engines. The better the content, the better it will rank.

Local Citations

Local Citations are important for local SEO because they give your website a much needed boost in the SERPs..

Backlink Building

Backlinks are essential for SEO. They are a vote of confidence from other websites. The more backlinks you have, the higher your rankings will be on search engines.

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